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Certified Rolla Instructors + energetic women who can't wait to connect their passion for teaching, with your love of rollerskating.

Coach, Co-Founder

Luludemon (Lucy)

Coach Luludemon started rollerblading as a kid on the streets of her hometown London. She helped found Terminal City Rollergirls in 2006, and launched Pivotstar - alternative athletic apparel serving the roller derby community soon after! With Camp Pivotstar and Camp Elite, Lulu has coached top-level roller derby athletes and teams from Australia to Europe and beyond. Lulu loves everything about coaching skaters of all abilities, and making classes fun and enriching!


Smarty Pants (Nadia)

Nadia Kean, aka Smarty Pants, loves to teach people how to roller skate. A recent transplant from Austin, Texas, Smarty has been skating for the majority of her life. She is best known for her career in roller derby which stretched over 15 years. Smarty played at 7 WFTDA championship tournaments, 3 World Cups for Team USA, and has coached or played derby on five continents. When Smarty is not teaching at Rolla she’s running her t-shirt company Strong Athletic which supports women and queer people in sports. She is also the co-host of the Strong Athletic Podcast. If you’re ever coached by her, she’ll probably say “y’all” a lot!


Smokie (Jessie)

Once you've had a class with Coach Smokie, you'll never forget her! Smokie started her roller derby career in Calgary, then moved to Vancouver where she played internationally with the Terminal City All-Stars. She's a proud co-founder of Bad Bounce Coast Salish, a Vancouver-area rollerskating group for BIPOC skaters. A Rolla Coach since early 2019, Smokie loves learning new roller-dance moves, and sharing her love of music and swearing with her students!

Coach, Co-Founder

BiznessTime (Carla)

BiznessTime started roller derby in 2007 and has been coaching and playing ever since! She now loves recreational rollerskating, learning rollerdance moves, and flailing around in skate parks. Before founding Rolla Skate Club, Bizzy (formerly known as "Booty") built a global training community called Roller Derby Athletics, to help derby players around the world kick more ass.

Coach, Admin Wizard

Bruiseberry Pie (Alex)

"Bruisey" started playing roller derby in Toronto back in 2007. Currently she competes with the Vancouver Murder (Men's Roller Derby) who are ranked #4 in the world! Her international competitive roller derby career includes a Bronze Medal for Team Canada Women's at the 2018 World Cup, and over 100 games in 5 countries.In addition to coaching recreational skating with Rolla, she is the current Assistant Team Coach for Team Canada Men's Roller Derby. Bruisey also loves playing video games - especially anything Pokemon!

Head Coach

Sole (Soledad)

Sole is a natural instructor, and has taught everything from kayaking to rollerskating! She's been a Rolla Coach since 2019, and loves sharing her enthusiasm, and Spanish music, with her students. Sole was once known as "La Zole" and sometimes "Ay Caramba!" on the roller derby track with the Terminal City All-Stars where she had a successful international career as a jammer.

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  • Our mission is to help people feel as strong and confident in life as they do on their rollerskates.

  • We come from the world of roller derby, where we learned that it's about falling and getting back up again. It's finding a community that has your back. It's about what your body can achieve, not how it looks. And that the most exciting competition you'll ever have is the one you have against your own fears.

  • We'll help you build confidence, have tons of fun, learn new stuff, and connect to amazing friends from all over.