Peek Inside!

A taste of how we roll...

  • 1

    Before You Roll

    • Welcome New Rolla Friend!

    • Let's Get Rolling....

    • How to Safety Check your Skates

    • Adjusting your trucks

  • 2

    Your First 5 Classes with Rolla!

    • Not Sure Where to Start?

    • Rolla Basics w/ Coach Sole - One Foot Glide, Transitions, Plow Stop, Moonwalk

    • Rolla All Levels w/Coach Smokie - Hop Laterally, Downtown, Sharp Turns

    • Ready to Rolla w/ Coach Booty Quake - Gluteus Medius Meatius! (Hip Stability)

    • Rolla Dance Routine w/ Coach Lulu Demon - Alessia Cara "Rooting for you"

    • Skills Tutorial - Bomber Level: Jumping off a Box