Our learn-to-rollerskate course for complete beginners.

Starts November 6th

We'll take you from zero to rollerskating hero, and support you all the way in this six-week online course. 

 >> Stay Safe: Learn at Home and Outdoors. <<

Just 40 spots available 

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So you can get rolling safely and confidently.

  • 12 Videos Full of Instruction

    Learn at home, at your own pace, then take it outside to practice some more! Each video is 12 - 15 minutes long with detailed instruction.

  • Designed with the Beginner in Mind

    This course is perfect for complete newbies, or people who haven't skated in years. We focus on safety, and building good FUNdamentals!

  • Two-Way Coaching Support

    On the Pro Coaching plan, you'll connect directly to your coaches and other skaters, and get personal feedback to help break through plateaus.

  • We've Got You.

    We've coached 100s of skaters just like you, and helped them succeed!

  • Be Your Own Hero!

    Whatever your rollerskating dreams are... skate park? roller derby? disco queen?... your journey starts here, with Rolla Skate Club!

Make Progress Faster

With the +Pro Coaching Option

  • One-to-one Coaching

    Upload videos of your successes and challenges for personalized coaching feedback! Break through plateaus, and don’t waste your time practicing things incorrectly.

  • Rolla Community

    Connect with other skaters in your class, and our coaches, in our private team Facebook group. Never roll alone!

  • Be First In Line

    Priority email support for any tech or rollerskating questions. We've got you, so your course can run as smoothly as possible!

Answers To Your Questions:

  • Who is this meant for?

    This program is perfect for complete beginners, skaters who are struggling with their new rollerskates, or anyone who skated at a rink as a kid, but never learned the basics -- like how to STOP! ;-)

  • What equipment do I need? Where do I skate?

    A pair of rollerskates, and protective gear according to your personal preference (we recommend knee pads, wrist guards, and helmets for beginners). Ideally, you'll have a flat space to skate that's at least 5' x 5' or so, where you have internet access. Some of the videos are follow-along, designed to be living-room friendly. Others are designed to watch, and then go outside or to a parking garage to practice!

  • How does the +Pro Coaching option work?

    Skaters who join on the +Pro Coaching option get added to our fun private team Facebook Group. You can ask questions, or upload videos of your successes and challenges - our coaches will give you personalized feedback and tips to help you overcome bad habits, or figure out why something isn't working right (or just high five the heck out of ya when it goes great!)

  • How much time should I plan to spend on this course?

    Each week gives you at least two videos, about 12-15 minutes each. Parts of each video are to watch and/or follow along indoors, and parts will be to watch, and then go to a bigger space to practice. We recommend that you are practicing the skills at least once a week for 90 minutes (in which case you could do both videos at once) or twice per week for approx 60 minutes each time - including warm up and cool down. We also give you off skate homework to do in between skating practice :)

  • What kind of skates should I buy?

    The million dollar question! We are not gear snobs; any pair of rollerskates will probably work fine! If you have vintage rollerskates, our Bonus Video will teach you how to safety check them. You might need to invest in new wheels to maximize your comfort and success. This course is not appropriate for rollerblades (inlines).

  • What if I don't like this program?

    We think you will! But if you're not sure, we stand by our rock-solid guarantee. For this course, if you're not totally loving it, email us within 10 days of the course start date for a full refund.

  • How long do I have to access the material?

    The program is designed to be completed in six weeks. Each week new course material and videos will be unveiled here on our learning platform! Because we know life happens and folks learn at different speeds, we give you 10 weeks of access to all the content.

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