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Oct 27: Live Dance Skating Session with Freight Train

Come get your Groove On with the one and only Freight Train aka Tinisha Bonaby live on Zoom!

Freight Train started skating when she was two years old and has been on eight wheels ever since. A formidable skater on the roller derby track, she’s also a kick ass rhythm skater and a kind and generous teacher who experiments with genres and fun to help her students learn.

In this 45 minute live virtual class she’ll be teaching some simple roller dance routines, footwork and shuffle skate-type movements. We recommend that you are able to skate forward and stand confidently on your rollerskates. 

In other news - We’re so excited to have Freight Train permanently join the Rolla Skate Virtual Coaching Crew all the way from Houston Texas! She’ll be regularly contributing to the Rolla Virtual Platform so this class is just a taste of all the awesome to come.

Drop-in Tickets are not available for this event. You must be a Rolla Skate Club Online Member in order to access. 

Answers To Your Questions:

  • I'm already a Member - how come it looks like I have to pay extra?

    No worries! Members will find the session access details in Rolla Connect, on your Dashboard. You don't need to purchase an extra course or pass.

  • How do I access the class or recording?

    The live class will take place on Zoom. We will contact you prior to the event with the links you'll need to join. Access the recording from your Dashboard - found in the menu at top right of any page on this site.

  • How long do I have to access the recording?

    Typically unless noted otherwise, the session recordings are available to you for seven days after they are uploaded!

  • I signed up for a Free Trial or Membership - How come I can't access this course?

    We got you! Members (including those enjoying the free trial period) will find the session access details in Rolla Connect, on your Dashboard. You don't need to pay extra :)

  • How do I access the session recording?

    The recording will be uploaded within 24 hours of the live event. You'll find the recording on your Dashboard (accessed from the menu at the top of any page on this site). For Members, it will be in Rolla Connect! For Drop-In attendees, it will be in the Event course area.

  • Is cereal a soup?

    It's actually a salad. Milk is the dressing.

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