Live Virtual Event March 7th

With Rolla Coach Cupid

Join Rolla Skate Club and the amazing Coach Cupid Stunt for Bruises & Bearings

Come hang out, shoot the shit, and learn about how your rollerskates work and the world of roller derby with Coach Cupid! BYO Brew (tea? beer? something stronger? You do you!) and bring your skates and skate tools. We'll take things apart and put them back again, and you can ask all your questions in this casual Monday Night hangout.

2 hour session on Zoom.

This session is for all skaters! 

Free for everyone.

Attend live on Zoom.

This class runs live at 6 PM PACIFIC TIME on March 7, 2022. Please check your time zone!

Members: access free class registration from Rolla Connect!

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    • *Live Session Links and Info* - Join on Zoom at 6pm PST

Answers To Your Questions:

  • How do I access the class?

    The live class will take place on Zoom. We will contact you prior to the event with the links you'll need to join. Access the details & links from your Dashboard - found in the menu at top right of any page on this site.

  • Not sure what to ask? Here are some past questions:

    How and when should I clean my bearings? What wheels should I use for roller derby? What do all those whistles mean? Who’s got the best derby name?

  • Is this class off-skates?

    Yes! We want you to take those skates off your feet and put them in your hands. Let's get dirty taking things apart and putting them back together! Bring your skate tools!!

  • What tools do I need?

    The tools you need will depend on the skates you have! Some skates come with tools but others do not. There are three main tools you'll need for any pair of skates: 1. A socket tool that fits the size of your wheel nuts. 2. A socket/wrench that fits the size of your truck nuts. 3. A toe stopper tool - depending on your skates different tools will be required here.

  • I signed up for a Free Trial or Membership - How come I can't access this course?

    We got you! Members (including those enjoying the free trial period) will find the session access details in Rolla Connect, on your Dashboard. Or you can register for this course and it will appear on your Dashboard.

  • I'm a Vancouver Member - how come it looks like I have to pay extra?

    No worries! Members will find the session access details in Rolla Connect, on your Dashboard. You don't need to purchase or sign up for this course.

  • What is the meaning of life?

    We're not omniscient but we think rollerskating has something to do with it , possible the number 42.

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