Virtual 2-Day Instructor Boot Camp

March 6th & 7th 2021



This is a "classroom-interactive" course including live lectures and video demonstrations - you do not need to be able to rollerskate in your home in order to participate.

The Rolla ™ Certified Instructor Course

A two day live virtual learning experience for rebels who want to make a difference

  • The Rolla Method

    Create an encouraging, FUN atmosphere to teach adult rollerskaters. Empower them to find their strength, their confidence, and their community.

  • Coaching Essentials

    Teach adult beginners how to get rolling safely. Identify and correct common mistakes quickly so your students can be super successful. Handle common classroom challenges like a pro!

  • The Nitty Gritty

    Learn how to lead Rolla Skate Club's three core classes: Intro to Rollerskating, Rolla All Levels, and Rolla Workout so you can lead and challenge all your skaters.

Course Options

Choose your path. More information about Certification below

Become a Rolla™ Certified Instructor

Or not! You've Got Options...

When you complete the two-day live virtual course, you'll have learned a TONNE. 

We cap off the course with an online test to make sure you've understood and can apply the material.

It takes more than just multiple choice success to be a Rolla™ Certified Instructor, though! It takes skill and practice. To make sure you've nailed it, and are ready to represent us out in the world, you'll submit a video of you coaching certain sections as your practical exam.

With a passing grade on the written and practical video exam, you'll earn the privilege of using the "Rolla™ Certified Instructor" designation! Put it on your Insta, your business cards, Sharpie it on your cat -- shout it out!!

On the other hand, if you simply want to learn without receiving the "Rolla™ Certified Instructor" designation, you can choose the "Course Without Certification" registration option.

You can walk away and apply all our knowledge bombs to whatever hobbies, teaching opportunities, leadership roles, and anything else you like! 

**NOTE: only Certified Instructors are eligible to apply to become a Rolla™ Skate Club affiliate and start a Club in your own community!

Is This Program Right For You?

We want you to be as successful in your side hustle as you are on eight wheels.

  • You are...

    Confident on your rollerskates: forwards, backwards, stopping, transitions, and a few derby, street, or dance skills. You don't need to be a pro skater (YET!) to get a lot out of this course!

  • You have...

    An interest in leading and teaching others. No prior coaching experience is needed, just the desire to share your personality and your love of rollerskating.

  • You want...

    The skills to confidently lead others in their rollerskating journey - and *maybe* even to become a Rolla Skate Club Affiliate and start your own skate school in your community!


We answer your burning questions

  • When-Where-How does this happen?

    This is a 2-day live virtual BOOT CAMP intensive. Our course will run Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm Pacific time both days (check your time zone!) with brain breaks for lunch and other pauses. The course takes place over Zoom and is "classroom-interactive," meaning: no rollerskates, but we want to see your camera on, so you can engage with us and the group!

    Got kids/barking dogs/aliens in your house? No worries. We know life is happening in the background. It's cool.

  • Should I register with or without certification? What's the diff?

    The full course with Certification included is $300. Without Certification, you will not be licensed to use the Rolla™ Certified Instructor designation. You can choose to add Certification after the fact for an additional $95.

    If you wish to become an Affiliate and open your own Club, you'll need to be a Certified Instructor first.

  • How do the exams work?

    The written exam takes place live, at the conclusion of our two days together and is multiple choice, completed online. The video practical exam must be submitted within 31 days of the live course. You do not need special video or editing skills for this! But you will need some helpers.

    There is a $95 fee for each failed exam portion to retake course materials and resubmit for a passing grade to complete Certification.

    Need special accommodation for the written exam? Ask us!

  • I've only been rollerskating for X months - Should I take this course?

    Everyone learns and progresses differently, with different backgrounds in sport (or not!). We can't say how long you should be skating before you'll feel ready to teach others.

    If you feel very confident skating indoors and outdoors, forward and back, transitioning, and stopping, you'll have what it takes.

    Have you played roller derby? You'll be great!

    Do you have a figure skating past? You'll nail it.

  • Can I teach Rolla Skate Club classes after I graduate?

    We are currently developing our Affiliate program. This will allow Certified Instructors the opportunity to operate their own Rolla Skate Club operation in their town! Only licensed Affiliates are permitted to offer or advertise Rolla Skate Club classes or content.

    Certified Instructors are licensed to use the Rolla™ Certified Instructor badge and logo on their personal marketing materials, such as social media profiles and business cards, but may not offer or advertise to offer or provide "Rolla Skate Club" class content. Certified Instructors will be able to teach classes within an Affiliate.

  • My question isn't answered here!

    Need some more info? Please reach out to us at online @ rollaskateclub dot com

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Essentials

    • Welcome & Essential Info

    • Course Handbook

    • Agenda & Timeline

  • 2

    1- Course Overview, & Rolla Values

    • 1.1 Goals & Learning Outcomes

    • 1.2 Course Overview

    • 1.3 Rolla Skate Club Core Values

    • Worksheet 1.3: Your Values

    • 1.4 Rolla Class Ingredients

    • Worksheet 1.4 Check-in and Check-Out

    • 1.3 & 1.4 Rolla Core Value & Rolla Class Ingredients + Intro to 2.0 - live discussion

  • 3

    2 - Rolla All Levels Class

    • 2.1 Rolla All Levels Class Elements

    • 2.2 Rolla All Levels recording with live discussion

    • 2.2 Rolla All Levels Class Recording

    • Rolla All Levels Virtual Class Recording - LuluDemon

    • Rolla All Levels Virtual Class Recording - Booty Quake

  • 4

    3 - The Fundamentals of Coaching

    • 3.1 Introduction - Teaching Adults

    • 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4 / 3.5 Live Discussion video

    • 3.3 Managing the Group

    • 3.4 Equipment Safety

    • 3.5 Handling an Injury

  • 5

    4 - Common Faults & Fixes

    • 4.1 Common Faults & Fixes Live Discussion

    • 4.1 Common Faults & How to Fix Them

  • 6

    5 - Intro to Rollerskating

    • 5.1 Intro to Rollerskating Class Elements

    • Intro to Rollerskating class with Live Discussion Part 1

    • Intro to Rollerskating Live Discussion Part 2

    • Intro to Rollerskating Live Class Recording

  • 7

    6 - Rolla Workout Class

    • 6.1 Rolla Workout Class Elements

    • 6.2 Rolla Workout with Live Discussion

    • 6.2 Rolla Workout Class Recording

    • Sample "Demanda Riot" Rolla Workout

  • 8

    7 - Summary, Testing, and What’s Next

    • 7 - Summary - We've Come So Far! - Part 1

    • 7 - Summary - What's next? - Part 2

    • 7.1 Practical Exam Video Guidelines

    • 7.2 The Rolla Certified Instructor designation

    • 7.3 What it Means to be an Affiliate

    • Final Written Exam

  • 9


    • Stretches to do after Skating!

    • Skate Safety

    • Adjusting your trucks

    • Sample rental skate safety checklist

    • Our fave Spotify Playlists!

    • Sample Rolla All Levels Class Outlines

    • Sample Rolla Workout Class Outlines